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What Is A Resume?

A resume is a marketing tool that highlights what makes you an excellent candidate for a specific position or organization. It is a visual presentation of your best qualifications and a demonstration of your communication skills. It is flattering, and it is truthful. Learn More

Resume Examples

Content Matters

Choose the content you include, the order of that content, and the language you use to describe your experiences based on relevancy to the position you are applying for. Be as generous as you can, with a commitment to truth and integrity, in describing your skills and accomplishments.

Architecture Resume Example

Apparel Resume Example

Graphic Design Resume Example

Interior Design Resume Example

Product Design Resume Example

Retail Merchandising Resume Example


Display Your Work

A professional portfolio is a collection of work samples from jobs, internships or academics that show your skills to employers. Portfolios are no longer just for those in the visual arts, but are considered a great job search tool for all fields. Learn More

Portfolio Examples

Hard Copy Vs. Electronic Portfolios

Hard copy portfolios include copies of your work placed into a professional looking binder. It is intended for use during an interview where items are shared while answering questions so employers see real examples of your skills and accomplishments. 

Example 1

Example 2

Electronic portfolios can be created by loading work samples into a web site. The URL for a web portfolio can be put on your resume allowing an employer to view your work before or after an interview. 

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3